Proven strategy to get reviews on Amazon using ManyChat!

As Amazon’s Terms of Service (ToS) continue to evolve, it’s essential for sellers to reassess their reviews strategy and explore new methods of obtaining Amazon reviews, including using ManyChat. Customer reviews are crucial to a seller’s success on Amazon, but collecting them can be challenging. Our goal is to target previous customers and request a review without violating Amazon’s ToS or appearing desperate. Conventional methods, such as sending follow-up emails, messages on Amazon, or including paper card inserts in product packages, are becoming less effective by the day. Additionally, recent reviews have disappeared, further highlighting the need for new and improved mechanisms. As sellers, we must be innovative and find better ways to obtain reviews, and this is where ManyChat comes into play. By utilizing ManyChat, we can develop more effective and personalized communication channels that comply with Amazon’s ToS, increasing the chances of obtaining genuine reviews that can positively impact our sales and success. Let’s explore how we can leverage ManyChat to improve our review collection process and stay ahead of the competition.

If you’re new to ManyChat

it’s a simple tool that allows you to create a Facebook messenger bot. This bot is an automated messaging service that pops up whenever someone visits your page on Facebook messenger. You might have come across one of these bots before, as they’re often used by online marketers to generate auto-responses. However, we’re going to use ManyChat in a different way, by linking it to Amazon and using it to our advantage. Keep in mind that this may not be a typical use for ManyChat, but it can be a powerful tool for Amazon sellers looking to collect reviews.

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